Content mapping to achieve your business goals!

Here at Sponge Group, we understand that not all organisations are the same, and neither are all their employees. Every organisation has their own needs and goals, and a learning programme needs to reflect this by delivering the right content and skills.

To meet this challenge, we place bespoke content mapping at the heart of everything we do. This starts with a proactive discussion with an organisation, to understand their needs, with the aim to arrive at a set of learning goals, values or learning competencies.

Interested in learning more about our content mapping? Read more!

WEBINAR - Financial Times Chart Doctor, Alan Smith.

The goal of anyone with design skills to create graphs and charts should always be to tell better stories using data: present data in a way that is engaging, understandable and above all - clear.

Back at the start of the year, we partnered up with the Financial Times Chart Doctor - Alan Smith to discuss '5 ways to raise your game in Data Visualisation' if you missed the #webinar we've got you covered.

Click the link to watch the recording!

2021 Remote Working

We recently reached one year of remote working! 2020 was the year our offices became our living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms... or just anywhere with a good wifi signal.

For some, remote working hasn't been an easy change to make and some people still might be getting used to it. And that's ok.

We created a Remote Working Pack which is available for your organisation to learn how to Be Virtual, Be Agile and Be Well.

If you'd like to learn more, click below.

Creating a Diversity and Inclusion Journey

For many years, the implementation of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) training in the workplace has been a prominent factor in business success.

However, data shows since 2020, it has taken centre-stage, with 64% of L&D professionals globally, reporting that D&I programmes, focused on fostering inclusive behaviours, are a priority for 2021.

But how do we turn statistics into real action, for organisations who want to implement D&I training? There are still many crucial considerations.

Learn more about how to create a D&I learning journey that will change behaviours in our latest blog!

Our 2021 Content Catalogue is now available to download!

From Digital Transformation to Diversity & Inclusion, take a deep dive into the Skill Pills we have to offer.

The future of upskilling is here, download today!

Can D&I be taught?

Join Skill Pill Founder and CEO, Gerry Griffin and Cathy Hoy (FLPI) (She/Her) Hoy (Chief Learning Officer at The LPI - Learning and Performance Institute), sit down to discuss Diversity and Inclusion and its delivery through digital training.

In the first episode of 2021, their discussion includes thoughts on:

- Insights and lessons learned from the creation of Skill Pill’s Diversity and Inclusion series
- Whether diversity and inclusion can be taught and if so, how it can be effectively delivered
- Insights into tools and methods to create engaging and successful D&I content
- Creating contextualised, relevant and effective D&I learning content

To listen to the podcast episode, click the link below!

PODCAST - Meaningful Leadership: Leadership & Values.

In partnership with Toby Lindsay from The Workforce Development Trust, we came together to discuss meaningful #leadership.

Pointing out if we can get the balance of values and leadership right, and how we can successfully drive key elements of the business, in order to encourage the participation and interest of fellow colleagues.

Listen to the podcast episode by clicking the link!

PODCAST - Meaningful Leadership: Collaborative Mindset.

In partnership with Toby Lindsay from The Workforce Development Trust, we came together to discuss meaningful leadership.

Exploring some of the issues and challenges across the Health and Justice sectors, identifying some clear themes; the move to integrated systems of care in the NHS and the recruitment of 20,000 new police officers.

Whilst very different, both also pose some strikingly similar challenges leading to change and significant shifts in the demographics and experiences of the teams delivering frontline services.

Listen to the podcast by clicking the link!

Diversity and Inclusion - Digital Learning

Do you want to build a culture of belonging in your organisation?

We can create bespoke digital learning programs and we also have micro-learning courses that are ready-to-go.

Want to find out more? Click the link below!

Care about the wellbeing of your people?

It's time to take action!

We have a Wellbeing bundle with 22 micro-learning courses ready to launch for you!

If you are interested, get in contact today!

Let's make a better workplace for everyone

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, do you think workplaces could be better? So do we.

We believe in creating an environment in which D&I is the default state of play. It means tackling challenges head-on!

Click the link to find out more.


Make sense of the world of LMS, LXP, SEP and DLP with our E-Learning Exposed podcast episode: 'Alphabet Soup'.

Hosted by Craig Weiss and Gerry Griffin!

Check it out today!

What's your Q?

There's more to life than IQ.

We've all heard of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but did you know there are 12 aspects of intelligence?

Why not take this fun quiz to help you identify those areas you and your organisation want to improve on in 2021.

Check out the Skill Pill trends of 2020!

2020, you were definitely a year to remember... The year of 'trends'.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to take a look back on the most popular Skill Pills of the past year.

NEW Collaborative Learning Widget

Our all-new Collaborative Widget lets you watch e-learning content together!

Simply select a topic, share a ticket and watch with your teams - it's as easy as that!

For more information, contact us at: [email protected]

Power of Q Diagnostic Quiz - Find out your Q today!

Working alongside our new 'Power of ‘Q’ series, we have launched a diagnostic quiz designed to discover where your intelligence lies!

Emotional Intelligence? Creativity? Language?

Let’s stop measuring and start discovering!


A forward-thinking learning and communications platform, the 5App Digital Hub allows customers to curate playlists of resources based on their specific requirements. Powerful analytics and automated notifications and nudges ensure that learning is delivered at the point of need.

This new partnership will see huge numbers of Skill Pill titles added to 5App’s extensive and growing library of world-class content providers. All Skill Pill content is made in collaboration with international bestsellers including Pearson Education, Kogan Page and FT Publishing.

Stuart Mason, 5App CEO, echoes this by saying: "Skill Pill's high-quality content delivered through the Hub, adds value to our customer offering, which strives to provide the right mix of curated learning and comms materials through playlists, to drive real business outcomes."

Since their launch in 2016, 5App have grown into a team of product designers, UX experts, developers and business strategists based in London and Berlin. They can boast 500,000 users from over 50 brands ranging from Zurich Insurance to Heineken.

NEW Partnership with EdCast!

Skill Pill are proud to announce a brand new partnership with EdCast! Our content is now available on their EdCast Spark platform. Click the link below to find out more!

15th July 'Return to Work' Webinar in Partnership with John Lewis!

Don't miss our brand new webinar all about returning to the office! On 15th July @ 3:00 pm BST, Skill Pill and Training Journal will be hosting a webinar discussing all of the new trials and tribulations of employees returning to work.

We hope to provide you and your colleagues with a helpful understanding of the new challenges of the working world.

Sign up now using the more button below!

Making Microlearning Work For You!

Ever-growing entertainment apps have proven just how successful micro-sized content truly is; so how can you and your organisation adapt to this? How can you make micro-sized learning work for YOU? Here's how...

NEW Prioritising Module!

NEW 'Prioritising tasks' module!

In these current times, organisation and prioritisation are key to staying on top of daily tasks!

Contact us now if you would like a preview of this new content!

Skill Pill is here to support your bespoke animation needs.

Create and share a bespoke animation with your colleagues - tailored directly to your organisation’s brand identity and values. Let us help you persevere through tough times and rise above adversity. Contact us to find out more!

NEW Virtual Onboarding Module!

Skill Pill is proud to introduce... our NEW Virtual Onboarding module: 6 Tips for Successful Remote Onboarding. With remote working on the rise, any future-focused organisation needs to know how to optimise out-of-office working. Successful onboarding ensures that an increased physical distance doesn't mean reduced connectivity and productivity for your remote workers. Contact us now using our contact form to find out more!

Engage Your Learning Population!

In this transforming world, the power of digital content is key - Skill Pill want to give you and your organisation the knowledge and know-how to engage your learning population with 9 simple steps! Read more using the link below!

FREE Remote Working Pack

Working from home can be a challenge... Let Skill Pill help you out! Here's our guide to successfully working from home. Self-register to see our FREE #WFH here >>

Podcast with Gerry Griffin and Craig Weiss LIVE from Learning Technologies 2020

Skill Pill was, once again, honoured, to be part of the Learning Technologies 2020 event back in February this year! Always a great place for interaction and education! This year, Skill Pill Founder, Gerry Griffin, recorded a podcast LIVE at the event, alongside Craig Weiss! Don't miss out on all the gossip - who had the best stand? Who tried too hard?!

Make sure to listen to the most recent episode of E-Learning Exposed via the link below!

New ‘Nano-Learning’ for the 200 Million Gen Zs on TikTok

February 5 2020; London: Skill Pill, a pioneer in short-form learning is launching a new series of work-place learning designed especially for TikTok Gen Zs. This high-quality set of nano-learning featuring 15-30 second video bursts of content is derived from top-flight educational material by the world’s largest learning organisation: Pearson.

Titles for the new series include:
• Having a Great Interview
• Starting a New Job
• The Rules of the Office
• Managing Stress
• Keeping the Customer Satisfied

Skill Pill founder Gerry Griffin comments: “There are 200 million members of Generation Z out there who use TikTok. They are getting ready for, or are already in the early stages of work. This nano-learning will help them either get that job or be their best selves in their current employment.”

TikTok has over 500 million active users globally; over 40% of the app’s users are aged 16-24.

Gen Z is a term used to define those born after 1995. Skill Pill recognises the popularity of ultra-short form content [nano-learning] among Generation Z evidenced by TikTok’s enormous popularity.

Sample our learning on TikTok using skillpill_m_learning.

Data Visualisation: A news series in partnership with the Financial Times

In partnership with the Financial Times (FT), we are launching the first dedicated micro-learning package to tackle data visualisation challenges. We will introduce learners to the principles of understanding, communicating and visualising data. We also have materials to stretch those data visualisation Jedi!

The series provides exclusive access to the Financial Times’ ‘Visual Vocabulary’, a collection of 75 charts and graphs, which delivers a comprehensive guide for visualising data in a range of languages. There is also a set of live tools encouraging users to create high-impact presentations instantly in a variety of software packages. Titles range from ‘The Science Behind Good Charts’ to ‘Removing Non-Essential Information’.Plus, in an exclusive offer, we are giving a 30-day Free Trial to the first 100 customers! Start 2020 off the right way.

Chart your course to success by signing for the Data Visualisation learning package today! Get in contact with us for more information!  

FINAL Release - Meaningful Leadership Series!

Join Gerry Griffin and Toby Lindsay in the final release in our collaborative series with Skills for Justice! Found out if you really can do more for less? Is it worthwhile? Is it realistic? Find out more using the direct link below!

Skills for Health and Skill Pill - Podcast and Blog #3!

Can we do MORE with LESS?? Join @tobylindsay & Gerry Griffin discuss the often spoken-of solution of a collaborative mindset in episode #3 of their podcast & blog series! Find out more in the final release of our FINAL Podcast and Blog in our 2019 series titled: Meaningful Leadership! Click the link below.

Skills for Justice Podcast and Blog with Skill Pill!

Blog and Podcast #2 in our series hashtag #InConversationWith in association with our partners at Skills for Justice is now live! This week, Gerry Griffin and Skills for Justice’s Principal Consultant for Leadership, Management & Organisation Development, Toby Lindsay, discuss the correlation between Values and Leadership.

Podcast and Blog release #InConversationWith Skills for Health!

Blog and Podcast #2 in our series #InConversationWith in association with our partners at Skills for Health is now live! This week, Gerry Griffin and Skills for Health’s Principal Consultant for Leadership, Management & Organisation Development, Toby Lindsay, discuss the correlation between Values and Leadership.

Training Journal Awards 2019

Huge congratulations from us at Skill Pill to everyone at Mindful Education for their award for the ‘Best Use of Technology’, presented by our Founder, Gerry Griffin.

NEW Series with Skills for Justice!

We are proud to announce that we have just released the first Blog and Podcast in a series of three in association with our partners at Skills for Health, titled, ‘Meaningful Leadership‘. Join Gerry Griffin, and Skills for Health‘s Principal Consultant for Leadership, Toby Lindsay, in their discussion regarding the importance of ‘Reflection‘.

#TJTalks Webinar 2019

Don’t worry if you missed out on watching our Founder, Gerry Griffin, join Training Journal this year in their webinar #TJTalks. You can still join the conversation and view the entire webinar using the link below. Gerry and Jo Cook discuss, ‘Getting the most out of your digital learning‘. Definitely worth a watch!

AoC Annual Conference 2019

Skill Pill is happy to announce that our Founder, Gerry Griffin, will be attending the Association of Colleges Annual Conference this year in association with Pearson Education. Additionally, Gerry will also be participating in a panel discussion titled – ‘Plug and Play’ – where he will be sharing his thoughts and ideas regarding putting bitesize […]

Training Awards this December!

This year Skill Pill is a proud Partner and Sponsor for the Training Awards this December.

Blog post written by Gerry Griffin which discusses the 'Uberization of Workplace Learning'

We’ve never truly recognised it, but our lives have been drastically rewired by the cloud. Businesses such as Uber, Spotify and Airbnb, for example, have cut out the ‘middleman’ when it comes to booking transport, listening to music and finding holiday accommodation.

Make micro-learning work for you! Training Journal has recently published a Sponsored Article by Skill Pill

Improved user engagement, content retention, learning in the moment of need - it's all about microlearning, say experts Skill Pill.

Our recent press release presenting our new partnership with, 'Skills for Health'

Skill Pill are now presenting a new partnership with Skills for Health – a not-for-profit organisation committed to the development of an improved and sustainable healthcare workforce across the UK.

The Podcast Website Platform, 'E-Learning Exposed'

Welcome to E-learning Exposed! The podcast about the ever-developing world of E-learning. Our hosts, Craig and Gerry, will be talking all things digital learning and its challenges. Join them to understand how technology is revolutionising the world of workplace learning!

Skill Pill will be attending Learning 2019 event in Orlando, Florida this October!

This year, Skill Pill will be a proud Showcase Sponsor and attendee of the four-day conference in Disney’s Coronado Springs in Orlando, Florida. Join us and over 2000 learning professionals. There’s so much to do and see, you won’t want to miss it!

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