1. Event Creation:

Create an event that you would like to collect feedback for, by simply specifying the event title and event date.

2. Question Creation:

Add some questions for your peers to respond to - these can be open text questions, ratings or yes/no questions. Experiencing writer's block? Don't worry - our Question Bank is here to help provide you with smart suggestions!

3. Peer Selection:

Your feedback form will then be ready to use - just like that! You will be provided with a link to mail to the group of peers you would like to receive feedback from.

4. Feedback Collection:

Access your ‘how’s my driving’ dashboard on your computer or mobile instantly: all feedback is anonymous and totally private.

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This tool is intended to be a mechanism for users to receive constructive and helpful real-time feedback on their work-based performance. Usage of this tool, any questions you pose and any feedback you receive via this tool is for you only and is not tracked or recorded. Usage of this tool is entirely voluntary. The questions you ask, the recipients you choose and the events upon which you ask for feedback are entirely your choice and your responsibility.