Skill Pill Launches Widgets to Help L&D Promote Learning


Skill Pill Launches Widgets to Help L&D Promote Learning

London, UK; 26 April 2016


Digital learning provider Skill Pill is launching a new series of widgets to promote awareness and encourage uptake of learning materials.


One of the biggest challenges facing L&D managers is to keep self-service learning relevant and accessible.  In response, Skill Pill has created a series of promotional ‘widgets’ which can be effortlessly dropped onto an internal portal or LMS.  They have three current functions, as follows:


  1. ‘What’s Trending’

First up is the ‘Trending’ widget which acts as a ‘live-traffic’ report. This widget shows users which videos are currently trending in their Skill Pill area – boosting both engagement and interactivity. Our beta testing has already shown this to make a difference in user behaviour – orienting users toward the learning objects.



  1. ‘Video Jukebox’

Next, the ‘Video Jukebox’. The ‘Jukebox’ is an embedded video player showcasing Skill Pill content. It gives employees instant access to assigned playlists.  For example, in a segment of the client portal which mentions communication or leadership, the ‘Jukebox’ can feature that particular playlist of materials. 



  1. ‘Get the App’

Lastly, the ‘Get the App’ widget. By bridging the gap to the app – the gap being between PC and mobile or tablet access – this tool makes downloading and registering the Skill Pill app fast and easy. Select your device, enter your email address and you’ll be sent an email with everything you need to get connected!




If you’d like to discuss these developments further, please contact [email protected].


About Skill Pill

Founded in 2007, Skill Pill produces engaging and impactful just-in-time learning and distributes it via mobile devices, tablets and PCs. Its learning takes the form of succinct animated videos, mobile apps, infographics, support documents and social tools. Skill Pill is a content partner with the global business publishers, Pearson Education, John Wiley and Kogan Page. Skill Pill is also a digital partner with the world-class business school, London Business School.


Twitter: @skillpill




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