Skill Pill Launches Full-Feature Learning App

Read the press release for our exciting new next generation 'Bulb' app, as featured on 13/06/2016.

Skill Pill has created an app which enables enterprise learning to be a fully social, gamified and personalised experience. Entitled ‘Bulb’, this release is on both iOS and Android. The specification of the app is based on a rigorous industry-needs analysis commissioned by Skill Pill.

Key features of the app include:


Users will be given an avatar to increase their sense of ownership, and will be recommended content based on what they have liked/disliked in the past – think Netflix for learning.

Users will also be provided with a ‘Learning Diary’ where they can track their progress, performance and make notes.

With customisable branding and language, the ‘Bulb’ app can be configured to include organisation logos and colours.

Responsive gamification and advanced metrics

As a gamified experience, users will be rewarded by engaging with content, quizzes and each other by accruing ‘Learner Points’ (LP) and achievements.

Rather than waiting for manager interventions, the app will ‘know’ when users haven’t participated in some time and will remind them of content they might like, or material that has been particularly popular with their cohort. These types of interventions are designed to increase traffic to the app and in turn increase the chances of a user getting ‘hooked’.

Once users complete a tranche of content, they will be intermittently tested and re-tested, to show how their knowledge degrades over time. This is beneficial to both user and learning manager, as it can demonstrate the acquisition and retention of actual learning.

Learning community

Learning with limited interactive opportunity often leads to poor engagement and uptake. The app will allow users to share and discuss content with their team, poll their peers for instant feedback and compete against their colleagues for the best learner score.

According to Skill Pill founder Gerry Griffin, “By utilising many of the modes seen in popular social media culture, we have created a mobile platform which translates learning into a social, gamified on-the go experience”.

Skill Pill will be at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum, London, 14th June to talk about both their new app and 'The Uberization of Workplace Learning.' Additionally, they will be offering visitors to stand 26 the opportunity to win their own personalised digital avatar.



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