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This week the best of L&D will gather at NEC Birmingham for World of Learning 2016 - a two-day event featuring more than 100 exhibitors and a packed conference programme. Why visit? To keep pace with the latest L&D developments; dealing with change has always been vital for L&D professionals, but never more so than now.

If you are coming along, chances are the cloud will reshape at least one aspect of your journey. From playing on-the-go music on Spotify to booking an Uber ride to the event, we regularly use disruptive technology that simply didn’t exist ten years ago. Not only is this technology changing our social and domestic lives, but this new consumer culture is beginning to manifest itself in the workplace - with massive implications for learning!


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As inefficiencies are eliminated by the cloud and millennials (digital natives) assume junior management roles, we need to rethink how we acquire knowledge and also how we broker, offer and track it.


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Join Skill Pill founder, Gerry Griffin, at World of Learning on Thursday 20th at 12.40pm, Theatre 2 for a seminar on ‘The Uberization of Learning’ to find out more about the implications of the cloud for enterprise learning.

Because if we have the courage to disrupt workplace learning, who knows what kind of impact we could have?

We look forward to seeing you there.





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