Increase Just-in-Time Learning

7 Smart Ways to Increase Just-in-Time Learning with Skill Pill

The Skill Pill app provides valuable ‘Just in Time’ learning content to help users refresh their knowledge when and where they needed… that is provided that they are aware of, and engaged with, the app.

Here are 7 tips to increase engagement and interaction with Skill Pill learning content.


  1.  Encourage the use of apps

Make the app easy to access and attractive to use. Skill Pill apps can be customised to better suit your organisation’s brand. Send links to employees, phones/email to allow them to download the app with a simple click.


  1.  Make it simple

Make the passwords less complex. Mobile users do not have the luxury of cutting and pasting passwords like a PC user so use something they will be able to easily remember. Try using QR codes to allow mobile users to collect the apps instantly. (QR codes work online as well as offline.)


  1. Social Learning

Gather content into specific baskets of content (e.g. Customer Focus; Starting a Change Project; Becoming a New Leader). Enable colleagues to flag up the availability of these packs using marketing techniques. We have used playing cards as a fun way of doing this. 


  1. Custom Videos

Produce a short custom video to introduce the service and explain how it fits within the bigger picture.


  1. Share

Encourage existing users to use the “share option” within the portal. Users can flag up videos they like with a colleague, increasing exposure and discussion about the topic.


  1.  Pill of the week

Send users a ‘Pill of the week’ on a regular day/time to highlight content particularly relevant to the initiatives/projects within the organisation.


  1. Check your stats

Statistics are a great indicator of which Pills are trending. Using the stats you can tailor material based on popularity as well as boost the visibility of topics you feel need more attention. 


*BONUS*: Of course, another great way to get your message across is to put the content in an infographic!



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