HRD and Engage for Success Delegates Survey 2013

Two surveys took place using the 'En-Gauge' mobile app the first at HRD on 25 April and the second on 26 April at Engage for Success, hosted by Essex County Council.

The survey was linked to latest generation modelling about the employment value proposition (employment deal) and specifically looking at conversational practice and tensions within the workplace.

There were 54 responses in total 25 from the public/voluntary sector and 29 from the private sector.

The aggregate responses to the rateable questions, shown in table 1, are self-explanatory.

Overall, conversational practice in the private sector is reported as being healthy, while the same measures are significantly lower in the combined public/voluntary category. In both categories, the score for finding practical solutions to workplace tensions is relatively weaker than the other measures. Job pressure overall appears not to be excessive.

The responses to the free text question, "what is the biggest tension you currently face in the workplace" were mapped against the 'enablers of engagement' framework (Macleod and Clarke, 2012), described below. Effectively, tensions can be seen as barriers to engagement and table 2 shows the percentage free text responses having the strongest association with each category. The most reported tensions concerned category 2 relationships with line managers.

Category 1 Strategic Narrative

Visible, empowering leadership providing a strong strategic narrative about the organisation, where it's come from and where it's going.

Category 2 Engaging Managers

Engaging managers who: Category 3 Employee Voice

There is employee voice throughout the organisation, for reinforcing and challenging views; between functions & externally; employees are seen as central to the solution

Category 4 Organisational Integrity

There is organisational integrity the values on the wall are reflected in day-to-day behaviour. There is no "say-do" gap.

Table 1. Analysis of Rateable Questions

QuestionMean Value %Mean Value %Mean Value %
PrivateMale FemaleS ManagerManagerNon-Manager
1) I have useful conversations with my line manager about improving my performance 56 78 61 72 65 68 70
2) I have useful conversations with my line manager to find practical solutions to workplace tensions 49 72 59 63 73 60 58
3) I actively take opportunities to exchange views about work-related issues with other members of my team 67 81 71 76 78 77 71
4) My line manager encourages conversations within the team about improving our performance 59 76 65 70 75 71 62
5) I constantly experience excessive pressure in my job 59 59 58 60 68 61 53

Table 2. Tensions mapped to enablers of engagement (Macleod and Clarke, 2012)


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