Why learners quit - a lesson from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones season 7 had everything you’d expect - battles, back stabbing, revenge and of course, dragons.

But while fire and ice rained from the skies, one character was holed up in a library, learning. Or not as the case may be. Swivel your gaze from the swords and sorcery, and there’s wisdom we can glean and apply in our own world... He might not be a hero, but you can count on Sam Tarly.

Loyal, dependable and with a huge thirst for knowledge - he’d be an asset to any training department. And all he’s ever wanted to be is amaester- a ‘knight of the mind’. So, when his chance finally comes, why does he turn his back on his life’s ambition, walking away from the citadel - a place literally stuffed with learning? Well, first up, frustration. Sam is given endless menial tasks before learning anything useful - emptying chamber pots and collecting library books.

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Fed Up with Information Overload? Greenlight Project Trump!

President Trump isn’t famed for his attention span, as world leaders found out during G7 and NATO talks at the end of last month.

In fact, US officials put an embargo on any conversations with the President lasting longer than just a few moments. Want face time with The Donald? You’ve got 4 minutes max… The absolute limit of his concentration. Comical. Or is it?

Are we really any different when we tackle complex concepts at work? Stick a product sheet, process document or compliance directive under our noses and we soon switch off.

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Training Secrets of a Fast Track Jedi

Motivate Your Learners with Progression Pathways

The first teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie ‘The Last Jedi’ has dropped and the geeksphere is going crazy. The storyline remains shrouded in secrecy, but expect plenty of fan theories based on plot clues hidden in the preview.

One thing's for sure, Luke Skywalker is back centre stage. The former apprentice is now a Jedi master training a pupil of his own, which got us thinking about his own accelerated learning journey in the original trilogy.

Glaring plot hole?
Or the result of effective instruction?

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Micro-learning - True Love or Infatuation?

This year, will you fall in love with a learning concept? Or date a new learning provider for 6 months before moving on? I guess it depends on who you make eyes at...

Fads. Blink and you’ll miss ‘em.

One minute shoppers are fighting in the aisles. Then next, obscurity. A trajectory as bright and brief as a doomed romance. 

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What can Black Friday teach us about smarter training delivery?

Black Friday - the biggest shopping event of the year – has finally arrived.

Thousands of shoppers are currently scouring shops for the best deals, both in store and online, with an expected spend of £2.3 million a minute by British shoppers alone.

So, what can Black Friday teach us about smarter training delivery?

Well, there’s plenty we can learn from retailers who understand the triggers that motivate us and adapt their offering accordingly. One of the biggest challenges facing L&D managers is to keep self-service learning relevant and accessible. In this respect, L&D has much to gain from retailing principles.

A shop isn’t just a static warehouse of objects for consumers to wander around until they find something interesting. That would be an e-learning content library. No, retailers are smarter than that; products are thoughtfully packaged, actively sold and continually changing to keep in line with our needs and desires (i.e. step into spring, summer holiday essentials, back to school).  

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